Kalash47 NFT

Kalash47 NFT

"Kalash47 is a representation of many personal things that have a deep resonance with who I am, where I’ve been, and what I’ve seen.
It’s the same as covering your school bag with badges that have meaning or plastering your laptop with stickers that denote what you believe in; the subjects close to your heart. That's how I have treated this collection. It's more than just a JPEG...it's PERSONAL." 

Bran Symondson 


Important Information 

2047 NFT Collection

Launch Date: 16th February 2022
Time: 8:47pm GMT (12:00pm PST)
Mint Price: 0.28 ETH

Launch Platform: https://www.dropspace.art/collection/kalash47

▫️300 Whitelist addresses- 1 transaction of up to 3x K47s

▫️Dropspace Mint Holders - 1 transaction of up to 3x K47s

▫️Public Mint - Up to 3x K47s per transaction

▫️47 NFTs- Reserved for marketing, promotion, and community building.

Website: www.kalash47.com
Discord: https://t.co/fncbuRcVU1