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NEW PIECE – The Branded AK Is Mightier Than The Sword

Title : The Branded AK is mightier than the Sword

Info on the piece : AK47 (decommissioned from active service),

Covered in logo types & iconography from Terrorist & Insurgent groups & Organisations in which the AK47 is featured within their logo.

Bullets inside the magazine: hollow rounds cast from an AK47 bullet.
Filled with the commodities of conflict That create insurgents & terrorists.

1. Religious symbols (different believes which cause conflict between man)
2. Dollar (Money, greed)
3. Mirror (concentrations on your own reflection & not an other mans situation )
4. Blood (reprisal)
5. In God we Trust (the believe that you are just in your actions)
6. Barbed Wire (boarders , freedom)
7. Earth (Land, your homes)
8. Your Name (the bullet with your name on it)
9. White Feather (represent fighting for the want of peace)

Mounted on a Holy book with blank pages, (to emphasise that man writes he’s own believes to backup his actions)

The book the AK47 sits on, has actually been shot with a real AK47 . the empty cases from which are placed on the side of the book.



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